Why every Influencer will want Twitter Blue.

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4 min readJun 25, 2021
Would you play for an Undo Button? If you are an influencer, I think so!

Twitter recently announced the rollout of Twitter blue, a subscription service with several new features, but one of which is an UNDO button for your tweets. People have been asking for an edit button for many, many years. But it looks like “UNDO” is about the best that Twitter’s going to give us — a paid subscription service that will allow you to undo your tweets.

An UNDO button might not be what people wanted, but I think there are a couple of reasons why this is a significant upgrade and one that influencers are going to want to have.

What is the Twitter Undo button get you? Well, what it does is it allows you to have up to 30 seconds to reconsider your tweet — it buffers your tweet, not posting it to the Twitterverse for a little bit (up to 30 seconds).

Thirty seconds might not seem like a lot, but you can do a lot in 30 seconds. I bet that you notice your Twitter errors within 30 seconds — that you spelled something wrong, have a grammatical mistake, forgot a hashtag or you failed to tag the right person. So 30 seconds is probably enough for you to recognize that you’ve done something wrong and correct it.

What is more significant is that this buffering means that the Twitter algorithm does not get a hold of your tweet yet. And the Twitter algorithm is what is deciding what gets promoted and what doesn’t get promoted.

#1 The Algo

Undoing a tweet before the Twitter algorithm ingests the data is the number one reason why influencers will want to use an undo button. Once the twitter algorithm sees a tweet, it then decides whether to promote that tweet, how much engagement it might have with your followers, etc. Engagement is the critical metric for the Twitter algorithm. Twitter exists to engage users and serve up ads ($$$$).

If you have ever tried deleting a tweet and re-posting it you know that it doesn’t get as much much traction. In my experience a tweet that might normally get 5–10 likes will hardly get any engagement I had first deleted a version of it and reposed it shortly after. That is why a lot of people never delete and re-post. They leave the “bad” tweet there.

The Twitter algorithm will also prevent you from sending duplicate tweets. Below is an…



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