What I have learned from being on 30+ podcasts this year.

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  • Some people are trying to contribute to the world or spark a conversation about an important topic.
  • A surprising number of people are podcasting as a hobby so they can talk with interesting people. These sometimes make the best hosts since they have a high personal interest in learning from you.
  • Many young male podcasters want to be the next Joe Rogen (which is funny since Rogen is two years older than me).
  • Why? I suspect that after the recording, some podcasters thought I was not a good fit for their audience but were too nice to say so directly.
  • However, many others are just starting their podcast ventures and discover that producing a podcast is a lot of work, and so they just abandoned the effort before getting around to publishing my episode.
  • However, a few podcasters (especially new ones) will not prepare well, and do you almost have to be ready to interview them or yourself: “So Joe, I bet you are wondering how….”
  • Once I almost recorded an interview for a very right-wing (bordering on Qanon) podcast. I don’t know if I would have realized what I was in the middle of if I had gone on without listening. I am not against arguing with a host if that is the type of program they produce (I used to be a regular on the Gary Nolan show), but I don’t want to contribute to the success of a Qanoner.
  • Some podcasters will use software to make a local recording and then upload that into the cloud when the podcast is complete. This technique provides a clean audio source even if you have bad network issues. When the upload is done, your audio is synced up with the host’s audio, and you have clean audio. However, many podcasters use zoom or some other videoconferencing system. So having a good connection is essential. And even if you have one, you should turn off other devices or prioritize your computer when doing the recording.

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