I am ALL IN with the Hey.com email platform

Interface features for hey.com (from hey.com)
  • No longer do I have an inbox filled with messages flagged for follow-up, read-later, etc.
  • And I don’t have to remember to check my spam for receipts and other one-off messages that I do want to process and select. I have multiple email accounts with various AIs trying to filter spam, sometimes way too aggressively or not enough. Processing addresses through hey’s screen takes a lot less time in the long run. And, I really don’t want to add every business I work with to my contact list.
  • Even though I have an email newsletter, I am okay with tracking pixels getting blocked. I am tired of all the micro-targeting based on what I read or click.
  • Finally, I am less inclined to push my colleagues or students to a magic new platform in hopes it will kill off email (slack, MSTeams, Asana, etc.).

UM Teaching Prof, Technologist & Entrepreneur. Connect with me here: https://www.christiansonjs.com/

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