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UM Teaching Prof, Technologist & Entrepreneur. Connect with me here:


  • Mike Robertson

    Mike Robertson

    Living on the bank of a major river, I’ve learned great respect for flow, relentlessness, and mud.

  • John Howe

    John Howe

  • Brian Goldstein

    Brian Goldstein

  • David Newberry

    David Newberry

    CMO | Startup Investor | Author | Tech co-founder | Love adventure travel | Lived on 4 continents

  • Sandra A Sandy Gregory

    Sandra A Sandy Gregory

  • Alexandra Wharton

    Alexandra Wharton

    News junkie, online & mobile video, sleep research

  • Drew McAllister

    Drew McAllister

    Technology Coordinator for St. John Vianney High School. Former Latin teacher. Foreign languages, instructional design, collaborative learning, web 2.0

  • Huma Syed

    Huma Syed

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