🔍 A New Search Engine? A Better Search Engine? I think Neeva.co has what it takes! 🔍

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Related to blacklight is a new search engine, Neeva. Yes, I said search engine. There is more to the world than just Google and Bing! Neeva improves on search in several ways, but its primary selling point is privacy. It does not track you as you search; they don’t sell ads and block tracking pixels and cookies.

When Niva is eventually released, there will be a fee associated with it. We are not used to directly paying for search but instead pay indirectly for search engines via our search history, allow ourselves to be surveilled as we browse the internet and through all the ads we see or click.

Neeva is currently in an open-beta; you can sign up to be part of their beta test/deployment. Neeva personally on-boards everyone via zoom, so you have a chance to ask some questions about the service, and they help you configure your computer, iPad, iPhone, etc.

I’ve been testing Neeva.co for the past two weeks, and it works remarkably well.

Neeva can be linked to Dropbox, thereby including your dropbox files in search results. I love this feature since it will search in all my dropbox files, even those that are not synced to my local machine, which is excellent because the amount of data I have archived to Dropbox far exceeds my hard disk space. This feature makes Neeva a nice one-stop-shop for my searches.

For an interview with the founder of Neeva, check out this one from Recode.

Website link: Neeva.co

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J. Scott Christianson is a technologist and an Associate Teaching Professor of management at the Trulaske College of Business, where his interests are focused on the impact of technology on society. You can connect with him on his website, LinkedIn, Twitter, or by following his newsletter, The Free-Range Technologist.



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