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by Alvin E. Roth

This book is a well-written and fascinating look into market design, recommended to me by John Howe. Markets are well designed when they are:

  • thick (lots of options for buyers and sellers )
  • not congested (quick),
  • safe (a participant can disclose their true choices)
  • and easy to use.

Well-designed markets…

The Coming Infoclaypse By Nina Shick

Unfortunately, the subject of this book is not Deepfakes. There are one or two chapters that examine deepfakes, but most of the book is about how disinformation campaigns carried out via social media influenced the 2016 election and is driving Americans (and everyone) to become more tribal. …

Who Wins and Who Loses in the Age of Tech Titans by Jonathan A. Knee

This book challenges many common ideas about big-tech monopolies (Facebook, Amazon, Google, Netflix). For example, they are undefeatable companies surrounded by “moats” that will forever keep out the competition. Or that all these companies enjoy the benefits of network effects, economies of scale, and can “growth hack” forever.

For example…

J Scott Christianson

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